• eLite quilt

    Ultralight backpacking quilt - the eLite 
    From 180,00
  • simpLite quilt

    It's interesting how little is needed to make an effective and extremely ultralight warm weather sleep system. This is just a blanket tapered towards the bottom with plastic snaps placed on carefully selected spots. Additionally, we added a simple draw … Read More
    From 150,00
  • Underquilt

    Ultralight underquilt   
    From 155,00


Tarps & accessories

  • Ultralight Solo Tarp

    Ultralight Solo Tarp
    From 65,00
  • Tent peg bag

    Ultralight tent peg bag From 9€     Size M: Suitable for tent pegs up to 17cm; Size L: Suitable for tent pegs up to 20cm; Dyneema composite fabric 50g/m² M: 3g L: 4g
    From 9,00
  • Titanium tent pegs

    Titanium tent pegs From 2,65€ / piece   Shepherd's hook Length: 16,5cm Thickness: 3mm Weight 6g 1 piece = 2,9€ 6-pack = 2,65€ / piece V-stake Length 16cm Weight: 13g  1 piece = 3.9€  4-pack = 3.5€ / piece  
    From 2,90


Backpacks and Accessories


  • Titanium Spork

    Titanium Spork 10€ Made out of titanium which makes it the perfect companion for backpacking. Durable and lightweight. Weight: 12g  
  • Micro accessory carabiner

    Micro accessory carabiner From 1,65€ / piece Good quality aluminium accessory carabiner steel wire gate Small size: 40x24mm Very lightweight at 2,9g 20kg+ 1 piece = 1,9€ 6 pack = 1,65€ / carabiner Not for climbing…
    From 1,90
  • Sleeping bag liner

    Ultralight sleeping bag liner weighing only 75g! Very breathable and keeps your sleeping bag clean Made out of ultralight 10D Nylon to keep the weight down to minimum Rectangular shape without hood 205x70cm suitable for persons up to 185cm Also … Read More
    From 45,00
  • Silnylon stuffsack

        These stuff bags are light and simple to use, with a drawstring closure to keep your possessions well organized. Made of waterproof 15 denier ripstop silnylon, they can be used to store anything from the smallest essentials to … Read More
    From 7,90
  • Ultralight Wallet

    Ultralight Wallet 10€     Simple ultralight wallet Dyneema composite fabric 6,7g

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