Pad Straps

This is a lightweight system that keeps your quilt secured on top of your sleeping pad.

Three options are available:

  • Simple straps
  • Webbing straps
  • Adhesive patches

Simple and webbing straps come in pairs (2 pieces). Adhesive patches come in 2 pairs (4 pieces)

All three types are compatible with all of our quilts.


• Easy setup and adjustment

• Lightweight

• Compatible even with wider pads (up to 65cm)

• Compatible with all GramXpert quilts

Simple straps

Extremely Lightweight, attachments are adjustable with some force, circumference adjustable by a simple knot.
Weight: 6g/pair

Webbing straps

Heavier than simple straps but a bit more comfortable and easier to adjust with cold hands.
Weight: 30g/pair

Adhesive Patch

The best draft control and weight, we recommend to set it up at home with some help. Clean the sleeping pad before application.
Weight: 6g/set

It is a little more comfortable to sleep on a wider belt than a cord. It makes some difference if you are a sensitive sleeper.

Yes, circumference is adjusted by a knot, and you can slide the attachments up and down the elastic cord. It may require some force to do so.

Yes, you can carefully peel off the sticker and reapply it, however it will not retain 100% of the adhesive strength. We suggest you take your time and apply it correctly the first time. If possible try to clean the surface before application.