It's interesting how little is needed to make an effective and extremely ultralight warm weather sleep system. This is just a blanket tapered towards the bottom with plastic snaps placed on carefully selected spots. Additionally, we added a simple draw string closure at the bottom which creates a cozy footbox. The quilt is designed to cover your head so there is no need for a neck closure.
• Climashield Apex insulation keeps you warm even when wet!
• Extremely light, breathable and strong DWR 10D fabric (22 GSM)
• Half-Tapered design suitable for active sleepers
• Long enough to cover your head
• Excellent warmth/weight ratio
• Fast drying
• Ultralight 15D silnylon stuffsack included

Built with the highest quality materials available

Climashield Apex insulation:

  • Keeps you warm even when wet
  • Enhances breathability by allowing moisture to exit out and away from the body

Ultralight 10D fabric:

  • One of the lightest breathable fabrics on the market, incredible weight of just 22 g/m2!
  • Wind and water-repellent 

Optional Accessories

  • Pad straps

    Pad Straps This is a simple and lightweight system that keeps your quilt secured on top of your sleeping pad. Two options are available, both come in pairs. The webbing style requires our quilt to be modified (made to order) … Read More

    From 2,93

  • Storage bag

    This quilt/sleeping bag storage sack is a great way to store your quilt at home, where saving as much space as possible is not as big of an issue as it is on the trail. It protects and keeps your … Read More



Sizing and other info


You can check the production times on this page. Lead times are updated regularly.

SimpLite quilt has 4 distinct differences:

  • It has no cinch cord at the top while eLite has a drawstring there.
  • Because of the above difference simpLite is a bit longer, so you can cover your neck and head as well.
  • Simple has no zipper at the bottom, instead uses plastic snaps. It is a slightly lighter than zipper but zipper is easier and faster to open/close
  • Both quilts have drawstring cord at the bottom, but it is made differently. SimpLite has an outer cord channel but eLite has inner channel which seals the opening a bit better and also easier to use.

Comparison of the footbox closures:

If you have problems selecting the correct size please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help!


All sizes in centimeters.

Measurements are from edge to edge, pulled tight.*


All values in grams.

*Listed weights may vary up to 10% due to material properties and production process.

Our rates are something between lower limit and comfort. Comfort temperature is the temperature at which a standard female can sleep in a relaxed position. Lower limit is the temperature at which a standard male can sleep for eight hours in a fetal position. These rates should be OK for most people, if you wear thermal underwear. If you tend to be cold sleeper, Apex 267 or 233 should  be fine around 0°C.

Generally speaking, our regular size fits most users. Slim is for users who are not restless sleepers, and want the lightest option possible. Wide has the same upper width as regular, but comes with a more comfortable and roomy footbox.

Yes, no need to roll it. Climashield Apex synthetic insulation is known for its durability and keeps its loft for a long time.

First check the weight of your quilt in "Size and weight charts" tab, then you can get the volume based on the weight in the table below.

 Volume Weight [g]
3.2L <300
4.2L <370
5.5L <440
6.5L <500
7.7L <550
8.3L <630
10.5L <730
15.2L <1000

Custom length, width, added straps (you can order them here), buttons, differential filling (eg. apex 133 top half, apex 200 bottom half) etc. Full length zipper is also an option.

We are quite flexible and more than happy to work with you in order to find something that works for you. However, we do not use down filling.