Wind Pants

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These water-repelling windproof pants are a must-have piece of gear. They provide added protection when hiking in damp and cold weather, especially when strong wind kicks in. The low weight means you can always carry them around as an extra layer to protect you from the elements.



  • Simple waist and ankle drawstrings

  • Lightest possible weight

  • Fast drying

  • Great packability

Size chart available here


10D Charcoal Grey

Wide array of fabric choices:

  • 10D plain - Very popular fabric, with 22 g/m2 is very lightweight and available in many colors!  (M/reg weighs 34g)

  • 20D Ripstop - Fabric weight 39 g/m2 still pretty lightweight (M/reg weighs 59g) but more durable. Also not translucent and not as shiny as plain 10D fabric. Available in black and steel grey color.

  • 7x4D Ripstop - Extremely lightweight - 18 g/m2 but with tear strength comparable to plain 10D. Lightest possible weight for wind pants. Available only in grey color (M/reg weighs 30g)

  • 6D 3 layer WPB laminate - This fabric is not only wind proof but it is also highly waterproof with hydrostatic head of 20.000mm. Breathability is also very good (50.000g JIS L1099 B1 method) and suitable for highly aerobic activities. Fabric weight is 51 g/m2. While the fabric itself is waterproof the seams are not. They can be sealed by the user with Silnet or Seamgrip (M/reg pants weigh 73g)