What are the temperature rates of your quilts?

Our rates are something between lower limit and comfort. Comfort temperature is the temperature at which a standard female can sleep in a relaxed position. Lower limit is the temperature at which a standard male can sleep for eight hours in a fetal position. These rates should be OK for most people, if you wear thermal underwear. If you tend to be cold sleeper, Apex 267 or 233 should  be fine around 0°C.

Which width to choose?

Generally speaking, our regular size fits most users. Slim is for users who are not restless sleepers, and want the lightest option possible. Wide has the same upper width as regular, but comes with a more comfortable and roomy footbox.

Why is the recommended quilt length longer than my height?

Because we need to include some extra space for your shoulders and feet.

Is a quilt-pad attachment an option?

Yes. We can either add elastic cords with snaps, or we can make a custom attachment system based on your needs. You can order them here: https://www.gramxpert.eu/product/pad-straps/

What is the function of the buttons on the eLite quilt?

Those attachments are there for various reasons. You can connect them together and form an enclosed »sleeping bag« or you can make yourself an improvised “camp jacket”.

I sleep on my stomach. Should I size up?

Not necessarily, but it is best to add a few extra centimeters, if you sleep with your legs fully extended.

Is the eLite footbox draft free?

Yes. The cord channel runs on the inside of the quilt and compresses the insulation, thus preventing any draft holes.

Is it ok just to stuff the quilt into the stuffsack?

Yes, no need to roll it. Climashield Apex synthetic insulation is known for its durability and keeps its loft for a long time.

Why is eLite lighter than simpLite?

eLite is much shorter, because it closes around your neck, while simpLite has no neck cinch and covers your head instead.

How is my head protected in a quilt?

Quilts don’t provide head insulation. Most users use either a beanie or an insulated jacket with a hood. An insulated balaclava is also a popular option.

What is the volume of your quilts?

 Volume Weight[g]
3.2L <300
4.2L <370
5.5L <440
6.5L <500
7.7L <550
8.3L <630
10.5L <730
15.2L <1000