Ultralight Frameless Backpack

42+10L / 34+8L


  • Main volume 42L/34L

  • Two 2L side pockets

  • Large 6L stretch front pocket, with optional shock cord lashing

  • Comfy shoulder straps 9mm EV50 foam + 2mm 3D mesh

  • Customizable hip belt options

  • Optional integrated shoulder strap pockets

Two large, accessible side pockets

They may not look big, but each fits two 1.5 L bottles to keep you hydrated during those long dry trail stretches.

Front pocket

Very roomy with plenty of space so you can keep your daily necessities on hand.

Image only shows the shear size of the pocket. Load it with 2-3kg max.

Rolltop closure

  • Reinforced with a thin polyamide sheet on the front side.

  • Top strap uses super strong buckle, so you can safely use it as a carry handle.

Weight Chart (34+8L)

*The 210D backpack is slightly lighter, base weight with sternum strap is 295g.

42L pack is 25-35g heavier than 34L, depends on the fabric.


Possible customizations:

External pad attachment, thinner foam in shoulder straps (4mm), hipbelt with zippered pocket, mesh side/other pockets, hydration port, etc.

Selection Guide

Recent updates to the pack:

Some changes to the X-Pac version:

  • shoulder straps are now completely redesigned with daisy chain and slightly S curved and made out of 330 D cordura,
  • hip belt pockets now have zippered pockets
  • Nnew side pockets will be in black cordura 330D by default now.
The pack is now a bit heavier. We can still make the old version if you wish so.
210D version uses 210D fabric same as before, it has new shoulder straps and zippered hip belt pockets.


It is also possible to use different fabrics including some variants of DCF. We usually have some color choices as well. Contact us for more info.



Fabric and color choice:

X-Pac™ (+25€) Black

By default the backpack is a combination of VX21(only bottom) VX07 (main body) and 330D Cordura® (side pockets, shoulder straps). Body can be also made entirely from VX21 for best durability.

  • Highly waterproof fabric - Hydrostatic head 134.000mm, more waterproof in the long run
  • White polyester backing makes it easier to see the contents of your backpack.
  • Very stable - easier to put things in/out of the backpack.
  • Stronger than 210D fabric

210D diamond ripstop polyester (Black)

  • PU coated
  • Hydrostatic head 4000mm
  • Slightly lighter than X-Pac version but also less strong

Moroccan blue is not available at the moment

Simple 25mm webbing hip belt

Hip belt option:

  • Simple 25mm webbing - Just a simple removable webbing belt with a buckle.
  • Sewn-in padded Hip belt with pockets (+20€) - non removable, some weight saved compared to padded removable ones
  • Removable padded hip belt with pockets (+25€) - removable

Hip belts are padded 9mm Evazote EV50 foam and 2mm 3D spacer mesh.

Max. total comfortable weight:

  • Simple webbing hip belt: 8-10kg
  • Padded hip belts: 10-12kg
Removable hip belt with pockets

Torso size guide:

Use a flexible measuring tape and have someone measure your torso from C7 vertebra to the top of your hip bone. Measure multiple times to get the most accurate results. If you fall just between the sizes, we recommend you pick the smaller size.

Torso Size [cm] Size
39-41 XS
42-44 S
45-47 M
48-50 L
51-53 XL

Hip Measurement:

Measure your hip circumference. Be careful to measure around your hips and not your waist! For maximum comfort, the padded part should overlap the front end of your pelvic bone.

Hip Belt size:

S: Padded up to 65cm adjustable 70 to 110
M: Padded up to 75cm adjustable 80 to 126
L: Padded up to 85cm adjustable 90 to 142

Shoulder strap pocket options:

None - Well none 🙂

One side - We will add an integrated pocket on your left side (easier to reach with right hand). If you want pocket on right side let us know in the comment section on the checkout page.

Both sides - We will add integrated stretch pockets on both sides.

Shock cord kit:

The pack comes standard with a shock cord kit which we can install for you.

  • 3,2m of 3mm shock cord
  • 4x snap hook
  • 2x pack hook

Installation options:

  • None - You will receive the complete kit which you can install if you need it.
  • Install only side cords - Only the side cords will be installed. +6g
  • Install all - We will install the whole kit (side+bottom+front) +29g

If you decide to install it by yourself, here are default lengths:

  • Side cord: 2x28cm
  • Front cord: 160cm
  • Bottom cord: 2x50cm

Edge binding:

Even though it doesn't look like it, the edge binding tape can add up to 10% of the final UL backpack weight. Maybe even more if heavier binding tape is used. It's mainly used to prevent fraying and give a cleaner look, but since all materials we work with are quite resistant to fraying, edge binding is not needed. We recommend to save the weight and pack something else to avoid those »stupid light« moments 🙂

If you select Yes in product options add +26g to the final weight. We do not charge any extra for that.

Non-binded edge

Pack volume:

You can choose between two different pack sizes:

  • 42+10L
  • 34+8L

34+8L is a scaled down 42+10L version. More narrow with slightly smaller side pockets, height is the same.