Basic tarp has 8 tieouts, if you want more of them, we can make it happen.
You can add extra tieouts here:

Double Quilt

Similar to a regular quilt, only wider.
There is an option to add a draft protector, or to make it as a normal quilt (cut straight at the top).
You can order a double quilt here:


We would suggest using closed footbox without the zipper only for very thin summer quilts or maybe for very thick winter only quilts. We tend to recommend the classic open style quilt with the zipper, they are more versatile.

You can order a normal quilt and add a sewn footbox customization fee (select the same apex thickness as your quilt):

Full Zipper

Please send us an e-mail if you need this customization.
Full zip adds 15-20g.
Full zip quilt comes with snap buttons only at the beginning and the end of the zipper. If you want to keep the other buttons, let us know.

These zippers are more expensive (they have to be custom made by YKK) and it is also more delicate work for thicker apex quilts.

You can order the custumization here:


Please send us an e-mail if you need this customization.
Our standard eLite quilt can be very effectively used as a camp jacket as well.
To make this camp jacket you just connect the top snaps together, adjust the tension around your neck and then connect the second snap with the last snap (the one next to the zipper end). Closing the zipper is optional and depends on the quilt width.
If you still want to have a poncho quilt you can order the modification here:


For any other modifications/customizations you can contact us by e-mail and pay here: https://www.gramxpert.eu/product/customization-charge/